Yoga Breakdown with Jill

Have you ever wanted to try a group exercise class but did not know where to begin or thought the class was too advanced for your fitness level? Well look no further! The BAC/RAC for Women will be now providing Class Breakdown post once a week to help our members. Each week Jill will break down a move to a specific class showing the move in a sequence, modifications and advance options.

To begin this week off, we are starting with a popular class that almost everyone has heard of but many are too intimidated to take: Yoga. Yoga is a series of poses with a strong emphasis on breathing. You’ll increase your flexibility and restore a healthy, positive mind/body balance, while focusing and relaxing the entire body.

The mountain pose is the core move to develop and define your Yoga moves. Relaxation and increasing flexibility are just a few benefits from practicing Yoga. Be sure to check back next week as we move further into the Yoga breakdown. Comment below with questions!