Shanden D. Jackson

Hello my name is Shanden D. Jackson most know me by “Pinky” or “PinkDiva.” I will be 47 in 2 months. My weight loss journey has been nothing but extraordinary. Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all peaches and cream. Before I became a member of the Rochester Athletic Club for Women (RAC) I had tried several other gyms, but was not allowed to join because of my medical condition with my ankle. On September 11, 2013, I was out in Pittsford Plaza and when I left, I took the wrong turn. Luck has it I used the parking lot of the RAC to do my U-turn and that’s when it caught my attention, the big red letters that read RAC. I decided what the heck won’t hurt to check it out. I went in and they had me meet with Rickie, who was a pretty neat guy and actually a God send. He gave me the ins-and-out told me to get my doctor forms in and I was all set. I signed on the dotted line and the rest was history. When I did my initial consultation I weighed in at a whopping 182.4- first time on a scale and I did not know that I was a few pounds away from being 200 lbs. The journey started off rough because I wasn’t seeing results. After talking with several staff members who helped me along the way, things started to change. Rickie helped me so much with what he could and that was huge. I was never a water drinker he expressed the importance of keeping the body hydrated at all time. He also helped with food choices that were feasible. You must pay attention to your body, know its wants, needs and desires. Know when you need someone to talk to they are always there. Now 43.4 lbs. later…You can’t touch this (in my MC Hammer voice). Don’t give up, storms come and go but there is even sunshine on cloudy and rainy days. You won’t know what you can accomplish if you don’t but the effort, determination, dedication, focus and of course fun if you don’t give it a try.