Setting goals for the New Year!

Goals. Dreams. Ambitions. Wants. Needs. Desires. Intentions. Game Plan. Aspirations. Mission.
These words are the most commonly heard during the end of December through the beginning
of January. For most, the meaning of those words and the intentions they hold, fizzle
out around the beginning of March. So how do you keep your momentum going past March
1st? Having something to strive for is crucial for anyone’s diet and fitness journey. If you don’t
have a goal, what are you reaching for? How will you know when you’ve accomplished it? How
will you keep yourself going and motivated? Setting a goal is a very personal thing. Anyone
can say, “My goal is to be healthy.” – and that’s great! – but what does “healthy” mean to you?
Think about it. Here are some tips for setting specific, attainable and reasonable goals:
1) Take Your Time When Selecting A Goal.
Why haphazardly make something up that you’re going to forget about in a week or not stick
to because it has no personal meaning?
2) Select Something Specific.
Do you want to fit into that bridesmaids dress for your friend’s upcoming wedding? Are you
determined to drop 2 pant sizes? Are you looking to increase your lean muscle mass? Lower
your cholesterol? Not be out of breath when you play with your kids? Select something tangible,
something measurable so you know you’ve reached your goal.
3) Make Sure Your Goals Are Realistic And Timely.
Once you’ve taken your time to select a specific goal, you will want to make sure that it is
realistic and can be accomplished in a timely fashion. If you think you’re going to be able to
lose 50lbs in 2 months, you’re going to want to reassess. You did not put on weight overnight,
so you cannot expect it to come off overnight. You’re going to have to be patient with yourself
and the process of leading a healthy lifestyle. By doing so, you will appreciate the milestones
of feeling better, fitting comfortably back in your jeans and seeing the numbers move on the
scale. Once you feel the satisfaction of progress, it will make you strive for more.
4) Write It Down.
Put it on the dry-erase board on the ‘fridge, a post it on your steering wheel or in your day
planner. Seeing it often will keep it in the forefront of your mind so you keep going. Creating
an inspiration board can be an alternative to writing it down. Get crafty and cut out pictures or
phrases that will inspire you and create a collage. Hang it in a spot where you will see it daily.
5) Tell One Close Friend Or Family Member.
Sometimes when we start a new fitness routine, we have this urge to tell everyone because
we feel so motivated. But often if there is no follow-through, you get bombarded with questions
like, “how is the diet going?,” or “what classes have you been taking at the gym?” – and
that’s a reminder that you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do. You’re already feeling
badly and hearing that can only make you feel worse. Choose one person. It can be your
spouse, parent, sibling, friend – whomever you trust to keep you on track. Consider them a
“silent partner” in a new business venture you’ve started.
Believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS. Trust the process. YOU CAN DO THIS. Keep your cool
and your patience. YOU CAN DO THIS. You’re capable. You’re stronger than you think. You will
thank yourself later. Oh, and one more thing, have I mentioned that YOU CAN DO THIS? Because
you can.

Written by Erin Tripi, Fitness Nutrition Specialist