Class Description:

(Radically Intense Physical Training) This class will make you work harder than you have ever worked before. Our exclusive RAC format contains high intensity intervals of cardio and strength. No complicated choreography. Just strength, power and endurance. Get the results you’ve been wanting. Be prepared to work hard and get R.I.P.T.! Participants should have some physical conditioning prior to taking this class!

Class Time:

9:50am until 10:35am


Studio A

Class Instructor: Marie Q.

About Marie Q.:

Marie primarily teaches at the RAC for Women Pittsford location. She teaches RIPT, Yoga, Pilates, Body Fusion, Body Chisel and Ab Lab. Her favorite thing about being an instructor is that every day she gets to work out with ladies who are  committed to a healthy lifestyle. She says “I love it when a member comes up to me and tells me how people comment on their appearance and they actually thank me but really it’s themselves who did all the work!!!”  Marie also love the friendships she has made over the 21 years I have been at the RAC! What makes her class special and unique is that she teaches a variety of formats that allows her to challenge everyone’s minds and bodies in many different ways. She says “I am fortunate that I am able to reach a wide range of individuals who enjoy the challenge of Pilates, yoga and weight training and find it  crazy exciting when they do my RIPT class and at the end we all have the same look on our face…yes, the one that’s says ‘WOW, that’s insane I can’t wait to do it again!”