Are you up to the Challenge?

We strive to help Power 30 Challenge Members lose their goal amount of weight in the first 6 weeks in a HEALTHY, MANAGEABLE, and MAINTAINABLE way. This isn’t a quick fix…it’s the first step towards lifelong healthy living.

  • Create the habits that lead to lasting weight loss. Learn how to eat real, delicious, nutritious food as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Workout routine guidance. Learn what to do to maximize your time in the gym, along with ideas of what you can do for the days you can’t make it in.
  • Daily access to your coach. Text message your coach with your food and workouts for the day, along with any nutrition questions.
  • Weekly check ins to track progress. Weigh ins and pictures to visually see the progress you are making.
  • Group support. Be able to share recipes and healthy ideas with the other members of your challenge group through text message or Facebook.
  • Accountability. Your coach will want to hear from you every day. If she doesn’t hear from you, you’ll hear from her.
  • Body Fat testing/measurements first and last day. Looking at body fat weight and lean body mass numbers, which gives you the real story of your weight.
  • Nutrition Coaching. Teaching you how to take what you like to eat and make it as healthy as possible.


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What makes us different from other programs? Our program is personal! You will have personal access to your coach EVERYDAY! Power 30 is for everybody… all fitness levels, ages, body types, everything is modifiable for YOU!